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Excerpt from The Night Train:

Milo crept over to the fence, the slowly moving locomotive providing perfect but only temporary cover, and began scaling the fence. The top was lined with rusty barbwire, and he caught his pants leg going over, but was otherwise unscathed. He dropped to the ground on the other side, and quickly scampered over to the loading bay. Peering over the edge of the bay and not seeing anyone, he climbed up, and began unzipping the bags.

   The first two bags contained small animals; two coons, a possum, a couple of stray dogs and cats. All looked as though they’d been healthy in life, but in death appeared to have been diseased, the culprit having been a combination of mistreatment and rabies. Some looked to have been tortured, as though their captor had been a serial killer in the making. He opened a third bag – a large one – and what he saw made him almost scream in terror. Even as a seasoned military man, nothing had prepared him for this.

  The body in the bag was what was left of Wilson; they’d gone back and retrieved his remains to process in the plant. Wilson, a good friend, a family man, a good Deputy, was now nothing but just another number on a shipment invoice, another slab of meat added to the food chain. Milo’s suspicions had been warranted all along;  human flesh was being used as a substitute for the rapidly declining meat supply.