Born in Kentucky, I moved to New Orleans at the age of 41, to pursue a career in writing. Upon arriving there, I was at first puzzled by the surroundings, the city looking like no other place on earth. The city never slept, and I thought the locals ''talked funny.'' But it didn't take long for me to become as receptive to them as they were to me, and I found them very charming and pleasant, as well as some of the most interesting people I'd ever met. On December 6th, 1991, I moved there to live for good. 
A retired Military man, I now work part-time as a night-watchman, and spend the rest of my free time writing, sketching, and kicking back on my porch and talking with the neighbors.  I welcome correspondence if you'd like to use the handy contact from at the bottom of this page. I'm always ready to make new friends. 

Books and short fiction:

The Night Train - In the year 2013, a new, virulent strain of rabies is slowly but surely infecting the meat supply in North America. A former Special Forces operative, Milo Burress, is sent in to locate, infiltrate, and terminate the culprit behind the sale and distribution of the tainted meat before the virus claims any more innocent lives. 

The Trigger Kiss - A collection of five short horror stories, some fused with comedy. The standout piece is about a former sniper who uses the September 911 attacks as a cover to go on a shooting spree. 

The story ''Funny Lookin' Critters'' was published in Static Movement magazine, June 2011.
The story ''A Bad Night in the Hood,'' was published in An Electric Tragedy magazine, June 2011.

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